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Summer Is a Little Life

and it was a very good summer -

Tyrrhenian sea, Stromboli island and volcano (Italy).

Aegean sea, vicinity of Marmaris (Turkey).

Ionian sea, legendary Ithaca island (Greece).

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Hello Again!

OK, everything good ends some day. But not this blog!

Didn’t write for some time - well, it was summer: vacations, sea…

For those interested in military history, a new museum opened in Sevastopol Michael’s battery:

I strictly recommend it to visitors of Sevastopol. Exhibition presented by private (!) collectors is as good as the well-know Black Sea Fleet Museum in Sevastopol.

A lot of work is done also at 35th Battery (it’s about the siege during WWII) and interesting tours are available.

Besides I’ve got a new hobby: yachting. Passed theoretical course in May and then practice in Sicily waters in June:

So now I’m a certified yacht skipper:

Thanks to Russian Association of Yacht Skippers and personally to instructor Vladimir Vatrunin. Frankly I’m only a nominal skipper at the moment, need more practice to become real. So I scheduled trips to waters of Croatia and Thailand. So if my mobile number is unavailable then I’m probably twenty miles offshore.

So this is how the break happened: partially because of summer activities, partially because I became tired. Writing isn’t easy for me, really. Basically there are two ways for me: either to put word by word and tie them together somehow - with results that look strained.

Or to kick myself - “you won’t get out of the desk until it’ll be done well” - and inspiration will come sooner or later. But a lot of mental energy is spent this way and finally I feel exhausted and need a break. But now writing is easy again and I accumulated thoughts for a dozen of posts.

Thanks to those who expressed a word of support! I’ll continue writing as long as you find my thoughts interesting and useful.

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