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(Русский) Знания BPM - в массы!

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Where Is The Beginning and The End of Processes?

No, it’s not about processes start and end event, it’s about what should be named as process and what shouldn’t.

A few quotes showing the range of opinions -

Paul Harmon comments the “Process and Capabilities” discussion at LinkedIn BPTrends group:

One of the major differences in the field is between people who use “process” to refer to a diagram, or even more narrowly to the pattern of activities and flows, and those who use “process” to refer to everything that is involved in producing specified outputs. I am definitely in the latter camp… for me, the idea of separating “recourses” or “people” or “managers” from “process” is simply to take a very narrow view of process… The “capabilities” the Army cites are small processes - activities if you would - that get assembled into larger processes when necessity requires. One capability is landing by rubber raft. Another is hiking 10 miles very quickly, etc. Once a specific hostage situation arises a process (project?) is assembled of many discrete activities and executed.

As we can see, Paul tend to name “process” literally everything - activities and combinations of activities of any scale, and makes no difference between processes and projects. » read the rest

BPM As Usual

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(Русский) Что такое бизнес-процесс, что такое BPM: трактовка ABPMP

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Why Do We Launch ABPMP Russian Chapter

In short, we want to make a profession out of BPM.

The current issue of BPM market in Russia and worldwide is the lack of a common ground - a core set of concepts, techniques and technologies that would be accepted by all stakeholders.

Process management is a discipline with a long history: TQM in the 70’s, re-engineering in the 90s, BPM in the 2000s. Lean and Six Sigma also have process aspects. Apart from this mainstream, there is a number of esoteric doctrines shared only by the author or a small group of followers.

How does it look from a potential customer perspective? He/she sees a number of gurus, each evangelizing his own way. They cannot agree with each other. They aren’t helpful beyond the relatively narrow scope. The natural question “where can I read about it?” doesn’t meet a clear answer. Besides, BPM is not widely presented in universities and MBA courses. Sub-disciplines (e.g. modeling or automation of processes) are available but BPM as a holistic discipline is not offered in a significant scale.

Not surprisingly, only the most self-confident customers get into it - those who have intellectual resources to pave their own route in a rough sea of BPM. Hence the predictable result: today, 10 years after the birth, BPM is still at the Early Adopters stage of the Technology Lifecycle.

BPM is a fun for practitioners yet that’s what scares off potential customers - they’d prefer something more simple, common, boring if you like.

Can this situation be changed? We believe it’s not only possible - the time for the change is now.

Thanks to the efforts of BPM pioneers we now have practical experience in methodology, technology and implementation. A number of organizations have achieved spectacular success in BPM. The community of BPM enthusiasts in Russia develops a common view of process management issues for more than 5 years. We have matured to develop a consensus on BPM basics. (Just basics - it’s not about eliminating diversity and creativity in the whole BPM domain.)

And it’s easy to do because there is no need to invent the basic platform. For 10 years there is an organization called ABPMP ( - The Association of BPM Professionals - comprising more than 6,000 members around the world. And it isn’t just a club: ABPMP published and further develops (the third edition to be released soon) the BPM CBOK (Common Body of Knowledge) and certification system called CBPP (Certified Business Process Professional) based on BPM CBOK.

By creating the ABPMP Russian Chapter we want to assist the transformation of BPM into acknowledged discipline and eventually to add dynamics to the BPM market.

Is it real? Looking at the project management state of the art, there is every reason to say yes. PMBOK there vs. BPM CBOK here. A system of certification here and there. Yet unlike BPM, there is no need to explain what a project management is. The reason is obvious: BPM is younger. But it will pass with age.

Another encouraging example is ABPMP Brazil Chapter. I was surprising to hear from American colleagues that ​​BPM ideas in Brazil are more widespread than in the US. No doubt there is a contribution of the local ABPMP Chapter and its president Gart Capote who advised me on establishing the chapter in Russia (thanks, Gart!) Why not achieving a similar success here? Russia has endless opportunities for process management and BPM.

So far, the initiative group has created a Russian Chapter ( and registered it with ABPMP International. The next important milestone is the kick-start meeting - the registration is opened.

Planned Chapter activities are: Russian BPM glossary, BPM CBOK translation into Russian, CBPP certification, seminars, workshops etc.

Get involved now!

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