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BPMN Training

BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) is the main BPM standard. It is supported by all major BPMS and modeling tools vendors; theoretical and practical knowledge of BPMN is a must for any BPM professional.

I provide BPMN training course that includes three one-day sessions: 1) BPMN Notation, 2) BPMN Practice, 3) Executable BPMN. All details at (sorry, available in Russian only).

The value of the training is that it goes far beyond the formal notation and rules: students learn how to apply BPMN to business process from their own practice, they acquire knowledge of key process patterns, get the idea of process architecture and the relationship between processes and business objectives.


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  1. Надежда 02/06/12 02:57 PM

    Анатолий, добрый день!
    Скажите, пожалуйста, когда Вы планируете провести новый (следующий) курс в Москве? К сожалению, не успела на январский.

    С уважением, Надежда.

  2. Anatoly Belychook 02/06/12 03:43 PM


    Специально для Вас :)

  3. Надежда 02/06/12 09:04 PM


  4. Антон 12/14/12 01:39 PM

    Добрый день, не получается попасть на Ваши тренинги в феврале. Проводите ли Вы вебинары?

  5. Anatoly Belychook 12/14/12 01:43 PM


    Сожалею, но тренинги проводятся только очно.

  6. Mareeswari 08/27/15 01:29 PM

    1.Need to know what is it and how we can use it for software designing?
    2.What is the main feature to use this instead of UML state diagram?

  7. Anatoly Belychook 08/27/15 02:39 PM

    Please read this post:

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