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Process Issues Symptoms

BPMInstitute announced a presentation: “Secrets of a Business Process Consultant Shhhhh…Processes, Tools and Techniques that the Pros Use“. The presentation is too pathetic to me but one slide is worth to be memorized:

Have You Ever Heard…

  • “You’ll need to come back when Sally’s here, she’s the only one that handles that.”
  • “That’s the way we’ve always done it”
  • “They don’t do things “our way”
  • “That’s not my job”
  • “They just sent me to see you, now your sending me back?”
  • “Why are you making this so hard?”
  • “You’ll need to go back to the _______ to get a signature”
  • “I didn’t need this the last time I submitted…”
  • “That department does it differently”
  • “Well, whoever told you that was wrong, this is the right way.”
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    У нас не мелочатся :))
    Симптомы больных процессов по русски -

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