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Why Business Users Change Software Requirements All The Time

I hear again and again developers’ complains on business users changing software requirements. (Especially so for business processes.) If asked “why do they?” such developer readily answers “because they don’t know what they want”. (This is a soft version of the answer indeed.)

May be so sometimes. But it’s worth to realize that business is under pressure much higher than developers are. We may require at least some degree of logic from our users but they have to deal with volatile customers, mean competitors, heartless state machine and market which is blind and deaf to our problems and arguments whatever logical they are.

So let’s be more patient to users that don’t always behave like we want them to.


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  1. A. Samarin 11/24/09 10:25 PM

    They (business users) understand better and better how IT potentials can help them to address their needs (even without mentioning “competition”). Normally this is the responsibility of an architect to make explicit all of this in advance.

    Looks like you need less developers and more architects…good architect, of course… A good architect is ready and welcomes CHANGING of requirements.


  2. Anatoly Belychook 11/24/09 10:46 PM


    Architects are great. Airforce is great too but only infantry gains the territory :)

  3. A. Samarin 11/24/09 11:40 PM


    Airforce does not lead infantry — at least in my books. They have to work TOGETHER like different pieces in the chess…. if there is somebody who know how to “move” them.


  4. Scott 11/25/09 08:21 AM

    I think Anatoly’s point was that you can’t hold territory from the air - you need boots on the ground for that. It wasn’t a question of first or second- just that Airpower only is insufficient for territory to change hands.

    As for more Architects - it all depends on the definition of “Architect”.

    Anatoly, great post, and a great reminder for BPM professionals to remain humble and open-minded as we work with our customers, or with the business, to create solutions. Don’t assume that just because change is inconvenient to us that it is, by nature, a defect. Often change is a reflection of reality, or of learning that couldn’t happen without doing and trying.

    Good stuff! In the US, Thanksgiving Holiday starts in 24 hours or so, which is a time for reflecting on things to be thankful for - customers being chief among them in our business! This kind of introspection seems particularly appropriate at these times.

    Thanks again,

  5. bas 11/26/09 04:14 PM

    Oh, English is everywhere :(

    It’s view from people who work with BP. Yes, BP are changed because of competition and constraints. But it’s not only one factor why system reqs are changed.

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